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Welcome to the Quick Guide to The Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive, a curated content hub on specific subjects as Essiac case histories involving different types of cancer and how the herbal remedy has been involved in their treatment.  The Quick Links Guide connects directly to verified content within the Archive and occasionally to external sources, all of which have been verified by the Essiac Council.

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Cancer Case Histories


Veitch, Mrs. E |FLD3 BCBk5 Case No. 19


Black, Thos |Case No. 8

Brooks, Archie | Case No. 2

Hammel, Wilson |FLD2 CCH32|BCBk1 Cs No. 7

Tynan/Tynon, John |CCH6|BCBk3 Case No. 16

Ferrier, G |BCBk5 Case No. 2

Hannon/Hanon, P |BCBk5 Case No. 5

Snell, F |BCBk6 Case No. 15

Mahon, G |CCH19|BCBk5 Case No. 10

Miller, Rebecca |CCH21


+ Diabetes

Norris, Minnie |SCH33|BCBk1 Case No. 11



Stanners, Hope |FLD3 File 9

King, Rachel |FLD8 File 25

Klein, Gregory |FLD18 Case Histories File 1993


Rumball, Alma |SCH26|CCH37|BCBk2 Cs No. 26

Henderson, May |CCH16|BCBk1 Case No. 9

Swayze, Laura |CCH31

Whitmore, Rachel |CCH34

Decarie, Miss. B |BCBk2 Case No. 12

Elliott, Blanche |BCBk2 Case No. 14

Morrill, Mrs A |BKB2 Case No. 23

Coutts, Mrs R |BCBk3 Case No. 6

Wagner, Mrs H |BCBk3 Case No. 18

Logan, Mrs T |BCBk4 Case No. 10

White, Mrs S |BCBk4 Case No. 18

Raney, Margaret |BCBk5 Case No. 13

Rowley, Mrs W |BCBk5 Case No. 14

Smythe, Mrs W |BCBk6 Case No. 14

Inglis, Jean |Case Histories 77-97 No. 2|Film Clip

Anderson, Joyce |Case Histories 1977-97 No. 7

Ward, Lizzie |Case Histories 1977-97 No. 9

Bate, Sherry |Case Histories 1977-97 No. 13|Newspaper Clippings 19, 30-32

Gregory, D |Patient Questionnaires


Forsyth(e), Emma |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk5 Case No. 4

Graham, Elsa |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk1 Case No. 4

Wurts, Hattie |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk3 Case No. 20

Douglas, Augusta |Testimony|BCBk6 Case No. 4

Thompson, Mrs F.E. |BCBk1 Case No. 13

Atwell, Rita |BCBk2 Case No. 3

Larivieri, B |Patient Questionnaires

Szort, A.M. |Patient Questionnaires

Webb, D.D. |Patient Questionnaires



Male, Age 70 years |Film Clip 5


Lawson, Walter |Testimony|BCBk2 Case No. 20


Drew, Edith |BCBk2 Case No. 13

Nicholson, James |BCBk1 Case No. 10

Hashimotos Disease

Eva Boyle – Hashimoto’s Disease 2021


Naylor, Chas |BCBk2 Case No. 25

Cameron, Mrs A.G. |Testimony 31


Hampson, Walter |Testimony|BCBk1 Case No. 8|Audio File 4

Baziuk, Tony |Testimony|BCBk1 Case No. 1

McNee, John |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk2 Case No. 22

Preston, Beatty |BCBk2 Case No. 6

Law, W |BCBk2 Case No. 19

Oke, Frank |BCBk3 Case No. 14

Windatt/Windette, T |BCBk4 Case No. 19

Findlay, J |BCBk5 Case No. 3

Heitzener, Frank |BCBk6 Case No. 9

Peacock, William |Testimony

Walker, Fred | Case Histories 1977-97 Case No. 5


Bernath, A.C. |BCBk2 Case No. 7


Mireza Potvin |Homemaker’s Articles

Mireza Potvin |I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse

Cotton, Noah |BCBk1 Case No. 3


Summerwill, James


Giles, William |Testimony 1|Testimony 2

Bruce, George W |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk4 Case No. 4

Fraser, Lorne |Testimony 1|Testimony 2

Reynolds, Samuel |Testimony

Runnerfield, Thomas |BCBk5 Case No. 15


Hampson, Vesta |Case Histories 1977-97 Case No. 8

Salivary Gland

Female, Age 56 years |Case Histories 1977-97 Case No. 6


Male, Age 56 years |Case Histories 2019


Beadle, F |Patient Questionnaire


Rose, E.F. |Testimony


Loughlin, John |Testimony

Baird, Patrick |BCBk2 Case No. 5

McGrail, Patrick |Homemaker’s Articles


Bougher, Eva |Patient Questionnaires

Ovarian Cyst/Ovarian Fibroid

Ausman, Mrs G |BCBk2 Case No. 4

Dawe, Mrs H|BCBk2 Case No. 11


Maxwell, Freeman |BCBk3 Case No. 12

Cotton, Noah |BCBk1 Case No. 3

Penis Ulcer

Lee, John |BCBk4 Case No. 9


Van Cleife/Clieaf |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk3 Case No. 17

Long, Ronald |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk5 Case No. 8

Craig, N.R. |Testimony

Moses, Albert |BCBk3 Case No. 13


Rudd, Annie |Testimony 1|Testimony 2

Rawson, Herbert |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk3 Case No. 15

Thurston, Stanley |Testimony

Wolfenden, Richard |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk3 Case No. 19

Durnford, W.J. |Testimony

Caldwell, Robert |Testimony|BCBk4 Case No. 5

Archer, Mrs L.W. |BCBk2 Case No. 1

Botterill, J.W. |BCBk2 Case No. 9

Siddal, Ralph |BCBk4 Case No. 14

Mahon, George |Testimony|BCBk5 Case No. 10

Hancock, William |BCBk6 Case No. 8

May, A.C. |BCBk6 Case No. 13


Thornbury, Clara |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk1 Case No. 14

MacDougall, Alex |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk3 Case No. 11

Holingshead, Sam |Testimony

Allman, Mrs R |Testimony|BCBk4 Case No. 1

Ashby, Mrs W |BCBk4 Case No. 2

Davey, Louise |BCBk4 Case No. 8

Webb, Mrs M |BCBk4 Case No. 17

Donnelly, Mrs G |BCBk5 Case No. 1

McInnis, Dorothy |BCBk6 Case No. 12

Briese, Georgina |Case Histories 1977-97 Case No. 4

Carey, Debra |Case History 14| 2019

Small Intestine (Intestine)

Bogart, Mrs W |BCBk3 Case No. 3

Zalesky, Ed |Case Histories 1977-97 Case No. 3


Bonar, Annie |Testimony|BCBk3 Case No. 4

McVittie, Nellie |Testimony|BCBk5 Case No. 12

Stewart, Elizabeth |Testimony 1|Testimony 2|BCBk5 Case No. 17

Tibbell, Sarah |Testimony

Rudd, Annie |Testimony 1|Testimony 2

Heinbecker, Dorothea |Testimony|BCBk3 Case No. 8

Copeland, Mrs W |BCBk2 Case No. 10

Bain, Ida |BCBk3 Case No. 2

Caston, Mrs G |BCBk4 Case No. 7

Raymond, Lydia |BCBk4 Case No. 13

Young, Mrs D |BCBk4 Case No. 20

Ulcers/Goiter/Prostate Guide Links Guide

Enlarged Prostate

Walker, Edward |

Thornbury, John

Austin, Alexander

Edison, Andrew

Pierpoint, Horace

Saudino, Peter

Bard, J.C. |BCBk6 Case No. 1

Hughes, John |BCBk6 Case No. 10

McKinnon, Angus |BCBk5 Case No. 11

Montieth, H.C. |BCBk4 Case No. 11

O’Brien, William |BCBk 4 Case No. 12

Doonan, E |BCBk3 Case No. 7

McKinnon, Elmer |BCBk2 Case No. 21

Gratton, Delphic |BCBk1 Case No. 5


Murray, Mrs S |BCBk2 Case No. 24

Raymond, Lydia |BCBk4 Case No. 13

Ulcers Various

Scott, Gertrude |Testimony

Beaupre, Mrs F |BCBk6 Case No. 2

Burns, Robert |BCBk6 Case No. 3

Findlay, J |BCBk6 Case No. 5

Glass James |BCBk6 Case No. 6

Griesbach, Mrs F |BCBk6 Case No. 7

Lewis, Wilfred |BCBk6 Case No. 11

Wilkins, Clarence |BCBk6 Case No. 16

Still, William |BCBk5 Case No. 18

Stephens, Eva |BCBk5 Case No. 16

Mahon, F |BCBk5 Case No. 9

Harkness, William |BCBk5 Case No. 6

Findlay, J |BCBk5 Case No. 3

Atkinson, H |BCBk4 Case No. 3

Carey, E.J. |BCBk4 Case No. 6

Thompson, Norman |BCBk4 Case No. 15

Thornton, Gertrude |BCBk4 Case No. 16

Bailey, Mason |BCBk3 Case No. 1

Keown, Mrs G |BCBk3 Case No. 9

Kidd, John |BCBk3 Case No. 10

Askin, John |BCBk2 Case No. 2

Houle, Walter |BCBk2 Case No. 15

Hunt, Austin |BCBk2 Case No. 16

LaBarr, Albert |BCBk2 Case No. 17

Larson, Peter |BCBk2 Case No. 18

Oke, Mrs A.V. |BCBk1 Case No. 12

Tooke, G |BCBk1 Case No 15

Watson, R.F. |BCBk1 Case No. 16

Commission for the Investigation of Cancer Remedies

Homemaker's Magazine Articles 1977 - 1978

Newspaper Clippings 1937 - 2004

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