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Introduction, Mali Klein

The 122 files represent 80% of the collection I inherited in 2005. The tapes were not in good condition, the quality of the recordings varying from good to poor according to the vagaries of the Canadian rural telecommunication system in 1977 and the technology available to Sheila snow at that time. The three tapes made by Eleanor Sniderman were of high quality as would be expected of someone who owned a recording studio. The missing 20% succumbed to age and overplaying by both Sheila and I when we were researching the material. The loss of some of the most important Dr. John Barker tapes that we both quoted was grievous. Nevertheless, the collection offers a unique insight into the personalities and the politics involved in promoting a controversial cancer remedy that can never be surpassed by the careful editing of the written word.


  1. 1977, June 7, publication: ‘Could Essiac Halt Cancer?’, Sheila Snow Fraser Carroll Allen, Homemaker’s magazine, June/July/August edition, Toronto, Ontorio.
  2. 1977, July 1: Mrs. Eleanor Sniderman, Mrs. Ilse Verway (Toronto nurse) become involved in promoting Essiac. Dr. David Walde (oncologist) Sault-Sainte-Marie, Ontario, proposes conducting an Essiac trial at his clinic; trial 2 by Dr. John Barker (cardiologist, Port Credit, Ontario) begins July 24.
  3. 1977, August 15: Lieutenant Governor, Pauline McGibbon accepts a copy of the Essiac formulae in a sealed envelope from Rene Caisse. Duke Fingard (Resperin Corporation) expresses interest in marketing Essiac.
  4. 1977, September 3: Fingard meeting at Rene’s home, Bracebridge, Ontario
  5. 1977, September 22, publication: controversial advertisement (Thomas Prue) claiming cures with Essiac, The Bracebridge Examiner, Bracebridge, Ontario, Sheila Snow Fraser’s working relationship/friendship with Rene Caisse irretrievably broken down.
  6. 1977, October 26: Essiac trials concluded, Doctors Walde and Barker report negative results.
  7. 1977, October 26: Rene Caisse signs the Resperin deal in Toronto.
  8. 1978 October 17: Rene Caisse falls (second time), hospitalised in Toronto. Mary McPherson takes over supplying Rene’s patients with Essiac.
  9. 1978, December 26,23:30: death of Rene Caisse.
  10. 1988, November 10: Dr. Charles A. Brusch/Elaine Alexander partnership agreement signed.

1977 July 11, Sheila Snow - Rene Caisse

Audio File 13 (Index file shows July 8)

1977 July 11, Sheila Snow - Ilse Verway (Toronto Nurse)

Audio File 14 (Index file shows July 8)

1977 July 16, Sheila Snow - Ilse Verway - Eleanor Sniderman

Audio File 15

1977 August day after Lt Gov, Sheila Snow - Dr. Walde

Audio File 31

1977 August 16, Sheila Snow - Rene Caisse before call to Eleanor

Audio File 33

1977 August 22, Sheila Snow - Dr. Barker, late, re meeting with Dr. Falk etc

Audio File 43

1977 August week 4, Sheila Snow - Dr. Barker re treating ulcers

Audio File 44

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