The Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive

Compiled by Mali Klein, Custodian 2005 - 2019

Mali Klein Witness Statement

Flash keys Collectors Edition 1-45 Collated, prepared and issued by Mali Klein, January 2020

one of the original Essiac Archive Keys

Catalogue of Contents

Case Histories - Quick Links

1. Bracebridge Cancer Clinic

1935 – 1941

2. Cancer Commission Hearings 1939

February/July Hearings + exhibits

3. Case Histories

Bracebridge Clinic Case History Books 1-6
Patient Questionnaires, Case Histories 1936-2019

4. Correspondence

Brusch, MSKCC, Walde, Gyatt, Snow & Klein, McPherson

5. Essiac/Black Root Medicine

History, 1977 Paper, Rene Caisse statements, Mary McPherson Affidavit + handwritten Essiac, RMC Salve & Solution formulae, letters, articles, Mali Klein Geneva presentation 2019


‘Could Essiac Halt Cancer?’ ENG/FR editions, X3 updates, correspondence

7. Legal Documents

Various, 1938-1935, ‘Last Will and Testament of Rene M. Caisse McGaughey’

8. Newspaper Clippings

x58, 1937 – 2004

9. Obituaries

Rene Caisse, Dr. Matthew Dymond, Moke Eaglefeathers

10. Products/Politics

Resperin Corporation, Easy-ac, Gary Glum – ‘Calling of an Angel’, Flor-essence

11. Publications

1922 – 2003, including ‘Old Ontario Remedies’, Sheila Snow, 1992

12. R.M.C. Kidney Remedy

Labels, patent application and renewals

13. Rene Caisse (McGaughey)

‘I was Canada’s Cancer Nurse,’ Rene M Caisse, 1963, CBC Interview, 1977, documentary, Detroit Convention, 1978, Rene Caisse, Key to a Personality

14. Sheila Snow

Diary, autobiographical notes, 1977-78, ‘The Essence of Essiac,’ correspondence, 1992-1977

15. Audio Files

Timeline, Index, Audio Files 1976 – 1995

16. Gallery

Herbs, People

17. Movie Clips, Ontario 1997

Mali Klein interviewing Shelia Snow, Mary McPherson, Arnold Mahon, Jean Inglis, colon cancer patient

18. The Archive Continues

The Archive continues with further case histories and information from people’s contributions.


'... No one can stop anyone picking some herbs and turning them into a tea.' .......... Mali Klein, 'The Essiac Essentials Handbook', English, French, Spanish, German editions, 2017
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