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established to authorise access to the original Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive,
neither abridged nor falsified, collected at source in Bracebridge, Ontario
by Sheila Snow and Mary McPherson, who worked with Rene Caisse in her final years.

100 Years of Essiac 1922-2022

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What is Essiac?

Essiac is a Herbal Remedy derived from a Native American

Medicine Man’s unique formula by Rene Caisse, a Canadian Nurse.

Essiac can be made at home in your own kitchen using your own utensils.

Black Root Medicine

The Medicine Man’s Original Eight-herb Formula, created in 1893 for a patient with advanced breast cancer, passed on by the same patient to Nurse Rene Caisse, 1922.

Rene Caisse's Essiac Tea

Developed by Nurse Caisse, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, in response to a request by Dr. Robert Fisher in 1926 for a simplified but equally effective remedy.

The Archive Continues

Every contribution will be duly considered in Council. Items of interest include authentic personal case histories, movie clips, letters, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles together with all relevant documentation.

Sheep Sorrel Root

(Rumex acetosella)

‘Essential in Essiac,’ Rene Caisse, 1976


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The Essiac Council promotes only those distributors who include Sheep sorrel root in their product and have provided us with satisfactory details of where the root was grown and harvested, and the percentage included in the mix.

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