Paddy Boyle

Founder Member – Ireland

Paddy Boyle was born in Belfast. After serving an apprenticeship he went back to school to gain the necessary qualifications to train as a teacher. He spent most of his teaching life working with difficult teenagers from both sides of the religious communities in Belfast during the troubles. It was during this time he discovered Buddhist meditation and within a few years he became a committed to the path. It was on his first meditation retreat that he met Ajahn Anando/Greg Klein. It was through Paddy’s profound respect for this teacher that a series of circumstances were to unfold that he could never have foreseen. Ultimately he would play an incidental yet significant part in Mali’s decision to found Clouds Trust and all that it would mean to those suffering from cancer.

No one could possibly have imagined the years of dedicated research and commitment that Mali’s journey would demanded of her. It was through her promise to Greg to make Essiac available for everyone, that we now have an authoritative, well-researched archive of valuable information regarding this herbal remedy that will be available to the world.

‘Out of respect for Greg/Anando my teacher and the incredible work that Mali has already done, I feel honoured to be part of the Essiac Council team.’

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