Lynn Hanley Thompson

Founder Member – USA

Several years ago Mali Klein led two weekend seminars on Essiac tea in Missoula, Montana. In each seminar Mali presented detailed information about Essiac and its history based on the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive of which she was the Custodian.

At the time, Lynn was working in a supplement store that sold several versions of the herbal tea. Many customers, challenged with cancer or in remission from it, wanted to know which brand was the real deal. Lynn attended the seminars and shared her knowledge with her fellow workers, information that would be passed on to the customers, other sales associates, managers of other supplement stores, and anyone else who was interested. People were delighted to learn that the correct formulation of Essiac was now available in their community.

Lynn’s work in the supplement industry was proceeded by a career in academia where she taught studio art and film history. She currently lives in Washington State where she works at creating beautiful art.

“I am well and truly grateful for the extraordinary research conducted by Mali Klein and Sheila Snow. Their commitment has spanned decades. Now people who need Essiac can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are purchasing the correct formula containing the very best herbs.”

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