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Debra Carey is a professional with over 30 years experience in the corporate world, particularly finance, marketing and IT. She is currently involved in mobility transformation to ensure we meet climate change objectives and works towards providing a greener and more sustainable solution to personal mobility.

Having studied nutrition, complementary therapies and alternative medicine for the last 15 years, Debra is passionate about a more natural and balanced approach to health and wellbeing. Her own health journey began over 20 years ago when she discovered she was celiac and dairy intolerant which lead to investigations into how nutrition is key to optimal health.

Her own cancer story began in March 2019 when she was diagnosed with a gastric tumour after a routine endoscopy. She embarked on her own experiment of putting everything she had learnt into practice and discover her own path to overcoming one of the biggest challenges in her life. Debra achieved a complete recovery. A key part of that recovery was Essiac and Mali Klein.

Debra was guided to speak to an old friend in Scotland who immediately put her in touch with Mali. Thus the connection to Mali, Sheila, Mary and Rene Caisse was made. Debra features as Case History 14 in the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive. She is honoured to now continue the Essiac work and to be involved the publication of The Archive.

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